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    Decades old trap/fault software is being replaced by 10-20 operating systems, and there are going to be mistakes made.

    A bit chilling to read because it’s so transparently true.

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      I am not going to buy intel s̵t̵u̵f̵f̵ shit again. I have been talking to my friends and relatives about it too. This is just too bad for any company to prevail.

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        That’s a poor attitude to have. Every CPU has bugs. No modern fast CPU is going to be fully immune to all of these bugs. We made mistakes in the design of modern CPUs because we wanted speed.

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          Poor attitude ? My comment, much like the post, refers to the company. This is a big corp with a highly hierarchical structure and heavily thorough process in making their products reach market. Intel was doing it on purpose, make no mistake. Judge poor attitude where it is at.

          “Some VW executives probably wish a problem with their brake controller software has been discovered at the same time,”

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          Me too. Intel really needs a credible competitor.

          I delayed all my hardware purchases in the hope that the next CPU designs address these and similar bugs, that the mitigations for Rowhammer work reliably in RAM chips and that the availability of GPUs improves. After that AMD will get my money.

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          I wish we could ditch these low-count complicated cores for 10x simpler cores and some better on-die IPC primitives, while still having access to large ram sizes and decent GPUs for output.