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    Maybe it’s because I’m on mobile right now and can’t see the whole site, but I get a drop down of 6 selections - some say yes and some say no, without any other information on what is right or wrong. Is there some context I am missing? The selections themselves seem quite limited also, mostly only covering front end use cases.

    I use node for many projects, so some background or guidance on this would be very helpful, but at first glance this seems a bit confusing.

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      That seems to be the whole site. Think it’s mostly a joke page

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      It’s definitely frustrating. But sometimes production mode’s just plain broke, so you have to write the webpack.config.js by hand. I would bet most projects that’ve used webpack.config.js have spent 8+ hours each getting it working, or copied it from somewhere else that did. Or it’s busted. Just a guess.