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    Any examples of finished art?

    I think the interesting thing about emoji pixel art is that you could represent the art simply as unicode strings, monospaced and preformatted. It could potentially take a lot less space than a traditional pixel art PNG, but then the art itself would be highly dependent on the rendering font. If you didn’t attach the text to a specific font, it would look totally different on varying platforms.

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      Example art: https://twitter.com/s_han_non_lin/status/1372937642946535428

      you could represent the art simply as unicode strings

      The “copy” link in the tool copies the unicode string to your clipboard with new lines. It only works well if you’ve used emoji in every square, as that preserves the spacing.

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      Haha I really like this. It seems to work well on my phone too! It reminded me of a similar project that I liked to play around with, https://github.com/muan/megamoji