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    One of the greatest pieces of advice I learned from James was from a podcast interview I did with him back in 2010:

    “For the last year or so I’ve been reading a lot fewer blogs and trying to read a lot more papers, academic papers, and papers published by industry”

    He talks about this around the 29 minute mark: https://archive.org/details/Coderpath10-JamesGolick

    Really going to miss you, James. Thank you for all the work you did and all the wisdom you shared.

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      Such a shame. I was a big fan of his podcast with Joe Damato. I think I’ll go back and listen to all of those episodes again.

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        That sounded like fun, but the podcasts appear to not exist anymore. Any chance for a btsync ro copy so I can have a listen?

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            Many thanks, couldn’t seem to get the feed to work in overcast but I can listen to them in other ways.