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      I know Godot is a game engine, not a generic GUI framework, but those text system improvements really make me want to use it for whatever my next GUI project is.

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        I would strongly recommend against this. Unless 4.0 is dramatically improved (and I bet it isn’t), getting a layout that works at arbitrary resolutions is a nightmare. This is especially true if you want anything at all custom visually.

        Swing is better. HTML/CSS is better. Qt, from what I recall, is better.

        To be fair, I haven’t really tried custom look-and-feel in Swing or Qt, but starting from a solid base where responsive layout just works seems dramatically easier than having to constantly tweak things to be in the right place at various resolutions.

        I have probably spent more time on the GUI of my latest game than on all the rest of it combined. It’s entirely possible that I would have been happier learning Cordova, just so that I could have reasonable layout tooling.

        That said, Godot does have a really nice workflow – your app launches instantly right from the editor. But if you don’t need game stuff, it’s not worth it.

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          I don’t know how you used it - from my experience containers work pretty well, even in Godot 3.x. Anchors are ok too for simple stuff, though they are mostly designed for simple HUD (which is fine for a game engine).

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            I use containers. And to be fair, one of the issues I hit reportedly is fixed in 4.0. Of course, when I make a test project to try to demonstrate some of the issues that I see, I can’t reproduce them. So maybe I am somehow overcomplicating things in my real project. But I definitely feel like I have been fighting with the layout system in a way that I never do with other GUI toolkits.

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        The only missing feature to use it for serious GUI apps is a11y, like support for screen reader. It doesn’t matter in some kind of applications, though.

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        Actually it is a GUI framework, Godot is made using Godot.

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          Pixelorama is another application created in Godot.

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          Does that mean you can run and edit Godot inside of Godot inside of Godot?

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            I think as long as you write the abstraction for the layers after the first, then yes.

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            Not quite, since the editor is all written in C++, and editing it requires recompiling, but you can extend it in the ways you would usually write Godot games/apps.