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    Just run:

    curl -L https://git.io/rustlings | bash

    Oh boy, no? And please stop suggesting people to pipe random strings from the Internet into their shell.

    (Doesn’t mean anything about the quality of the exercises. They look quite fun.)

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      You can’t really compromise on ease of installation, as we’ve found out during workshops. If you’re sceptical, you can always inspect the script or do the steps manually.

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      This is similar to the “koans” exercises you can find for a few other progrmming languages, right? It’d be nice to have a central list of them all.

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        AFAIK there’s no explicit “koans” for Rust, but this is the closest thing I could find to a list of katas/koans: https://github.com/gamontal/awesome-katas

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          Exercism has “koans” for many languages, including Rust: https://exercism.io/tracks/rust

          I used it a few years ago when starting with Ruby, and then again a few years later when starting with Go. Was pretty useful both times. Didn’t do the Rust ones so can’t attest to the quality of that (or compare it to your website).

          One of the things I liked is that people can review your code, and in my experience some actually did and caught out some things I could have done better in some cases.

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            Ah, right! Exercism is a good resource, and we used to run with it in workshops. Unfortunately, a lot of their exercises were quite math-based, which is why we also started offering Rustlings :)

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              Exercism for Rust currently has the serious problem that we have many maintainers, but also far too many things to review.

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          This is how I started Rust a while ago. Great resource :-)

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            That is a really excellent gif in the readme.