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    This is fantastic, to me, because probably half the value I get out of static typing is auto-complete and related niceties! I love a compiler to catch bugs for me, but I love my IDE to catch the bugs (and help me not create them in the first place) before I ever even run the compiler even more!

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      Congrats! Gleam is super cool and I’m glad to see it keep getting better.

      Nitpick: under “Compilation” you want “emitted” rather than “omitted”.

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        Thank you. I use voice dictation for the stuff and it adds plenty of fun typos.

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        You ought to add a play button to the videos. Firefox disables autoplay by default, I didn’t even realize they were videos at first.

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          It should do that I think? I use firefox and it does for me.

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            Ah, I suppose “block audio” is the default. It would autoplay cause your videos don’t have sound. I have set autoplay to “block audio and video”.

            Either ways, you can add the “controls” attribute in the video tag.