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    hlang in 30 Seconds satire wasm christine.website

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    This is great, but I only tend to spend 16 seconds on new programming languages so not much use to me

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      This is not advanced enough. Real programmers use HQ9++.

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        Every post I’ve seen from this website is so cringy.

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          I disagree, the Nix(OS) related posts have been quite helpful to me.

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            Thank you for your feedback. It will be taken into consideration as much as the unique merits of this claim deserve.

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              To be fair, this post is marked as “satire”, but yes, it seems low effort. “Learn X in N [time units]” has now become a meme, and I guess it will continue popping up until everyone gets tired of it.

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                I was satirizing those posts yes. It feels low effort because i limited myself to 15 minutes for writing it. I even left in the typos.

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              I appreciate the reference to Lojban!

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                .i mi jbopre .i lo jbopre cu pilno la lojban uicai

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                  It took me 31 seconds, Am I worthy?

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                      thanks, I needed that