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    If this postulate is true, how come we have C++, systemd and pulseaudio?

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      Maybe we’re all dying. Or maybe C++ and RedHat/Lennartware isn’t as bad as you make it out to be :)

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      Contrary to the title, It’s Alan Kay talking about programming and computing for almost 3 hours.

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        Was it worth the watch?

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          Looks like it’s the title of his talk, it pops up on the bottom left when Alan Kay starts talking.

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            Yes, I replaced the title fetched from the URL “Alan Kay en nerdear.la 2020 + Q&A con Hernan Wilkinson”

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          Then explain male college students. Checkmate atheists.

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            You get Voltaire by tinkering, it’s just that some are better at tinkering than others