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    Without understanding the context, the advice is meaningless…

    This sold me on this person’s opinions right up front. I want to hang out with them and trade war stories.

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      Writing helps you think about your problems, and helps you communicate those more effectively with your team and your future self. Good written communication is one of the most important skills for any software engineer to master.

      I hold junior engineers and interns to a high standard of both written and verbal communication. This surprises some people, including PMs who have come to accept that engineers are inherently bad communicators, and other, more senior engineers who don’t think it’s an engineer’s job to have to communicate anything to anyone.

      Life is too short to build the wrong software. And you can’t build the right software if you don’t effectively communicate about what that is.

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        Thanks for sharing. I could second all of the points. I don’t know how often I annoyed people by asking why a system is in a certain state. IMHO it relates to Respect what came before. That means one should first try to understand a legacy system instead of judging it. Why did the author make a certain design decision.