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    I’m really excited to see the tide turn and I hope we get to a point where tech bosses who break the laws do actual time.

    I would literally be at least $500k ahead of where I am now if the laws were enforced against Silicon Valley tech people who think they’re God’s gift to the planet and that rules are for little people. It’s just money in the end, and I’m over what’s been stolen from me, largely because I plan on changing industries as soon as I can, but I’m really excited at the prospect of tech execs being jailed for their crimes. We don’t even need new laws. We just need to enforce the ones that exist.

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      The “above the law” attitude seems to self-perpetuate as more people get away with things they shouldn’t. Then their peers see it, and it continues.

      I plan on changing industries as soon as I can

      Where are you headed?

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        Where do you get the $500k figure from? You seem strangely confident in that number.

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          It’s on the low end.

          So, I put $155k into a startup that failed in bad faith, but I’m willing to count that as my fault. An expensive lesson, no doubt. How’d it happen? One dollar at a time.

          I’ve lost job opportunities and reputation because of all of the garbage that has been put out about me. (I’m an antifa, or antifascist, and the tech elite is anti-antifa, or maybe just “fa”.) I’ve had to hide my tracks. I don’t take personal death threats very seriously at this point, but when other people are targeted, I have to step in.

          I actually got a lot of consulting opportunities through answers I wrote on Quora about machine learning and statistics. When Y Carcinator (the ultimate anti-antifas) took ownership of Quora, they banned me.

          Over the past 10 years, $500k is conservative. I have no idea, and the career total is probably much higher.

          However, since I’m getting out of the bipolar vortex of shitty startups and slimy tech companies, it doesn’t matter. I have a different, much more private, mission now and I’m focused on that.

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            “Changing” as in “switching”, I believe he meant.