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    So I’m happy to believe the FBI is exaggerating or misinterpreted what he said, but not why he’d refuse to clarify and explain the context. “I can’t discuss that” is something you say before you tell the Feds everything, not after.

    Oh, minor accuracy nit: better title would be Feds say he said he commandeered plane. They’re mostly reporting what he (allegedly) said, but I didn’t see much regarding what if anything they actually believe occurred.

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      This one was a little more informative:


      “He stated that he successfully commanded the system he had accessed to issue the ‘CLB’ or climb command. He stated that he thereby caused one of the airplane engines to climb resulting in a lateral or sideways movement of the plane during one of these flights,”


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        Asymmetric thrust?

        Is anyone sure the IFE system is actually connected to the airplane?

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          Supposedly not, but supposedly it’s connected to something connected to something connected…

          Then again, is the network in the box under the seat only IFE?

          Assuming it’s not, I’m not sure what to make of the claim that he controlled a plane in a simulator. Not a very good simulator if it allowed the impossible.

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        So now Bloomberg is reporting that the Feds are saying he didn’t hack the plane.


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        Tell me they have also collared the idiots who set up a damn fool system like this as well, and I’d be happier with this story.

        Eh. Let me qualify that a little before I get hoist by my own petard…

        They must collar the idjits that set up the design constraints that forced the engineers to setup an obviously flawed design.

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          In this case there is a very likely possibility that he’s full of BS and the vulnerabilities he speaks of aren’t there.

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            Unfortunately, I can all too easily imagine the chain of managerial idiocy that would lead inexorably, one tiny misguided decision at a time, to such a vulnerability…

            Of course, when trying to isolate whose fault it was…. you’d have a veritable mexican stand off with everyone, across several corporations and design teams, quite correctly, pointing their finger at everyone else, saying, “It’s his fault!”

            But yes, BS is also definitely a possibility.