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    I have always wanted to ask a ninja-level sysop: how good is the canned ZFS setup provided by FreeNAS compared to something custom like this? I am about to drop a few grand on a pair (RAID is not backup!) of custom storage machines and I am curious how much more performance, uptime, and longevity can be squeezed out beyond the FreeNAS defaults. just in terms of orders of magnitude, are we talking 25% or 5%?

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      The folks at IXsystems know their stuff. Their team has serious technical clue. I would be strongly in favour of trusting the 11 years of experience FreeNAS has rather than rolling something homegrown.

      On performance, ZFS isn’t the fastest out there but it’s pretty reliable to hardware failure.

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        excellent, and exactly what I wanted to know!

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        I am about to drop a few grand on a pair (RAID is not backup!)

        Don’t expect HA to be backup either…

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          wasn’t. was referring to the pair as a backup. one will be offsite and take daily clones.

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        How is he keeping data in sync between the nodes? I don’t see him discussing this but I assume ZFS snapshots

        Either way this is identical to what I built in 2009(?) with the new bleeding edge geom-multipath driver in FreeBSD. Same JBOD hardware, multipath SAS, ZFS, etc just on FreeBSD. I hooked in devd to watch the CARP interfaces and take action when a failover happened. Worked great!