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    Perhaps I’m misunderstanding because I can’t read French (in the book that is linked to), but isn’t this completely unrelated to them being a Debian developer? It seems like they were flagged and detained for being involved in political activism.

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      I read it as more of a signifier that a member of our broader community was detained, not that they were detained because of being in said community.

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        It’s mostly unrelated to the author being a Debian developer, except for the fact that some Debian developers visited the “political self-organized space in Dijon” linked to the author.

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        Does anyone know what he means by “able to speak French with a teacher accent”? Teacher’s speak differently? Are they taught that in teacher school?

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          Teachers tend to speak with an accent and a vocabulary from the “standard” language. Since spoken languages usually have a number of different dialects which can differ quite a bit, there is usually one “standard” form used in literature, official correspondence, TV broadcasts, business communication etc. In French, that would probably be Parisian French, in German Hochdeutsch etc. Being able to speak the standard dialect is sometimes seen as a sign of good education.

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            I think he just means a prestige accent, as in, “good enough” to teach French to foreigners.

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              After a fair bit of research and some luck, I found for American speakers its the “Mid Atlantic” accent. For the record my English sounds nothing like this.


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              is it illegal to be an activist in france??