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    My authentic reaction? Any serious purchaser would roll their eyes, close their checkbook and decline a meeting. She’d crafted a deal-killer; this reflected poorly on her business judgment.

    There is a distinction to be made between authenticity and saying the first thing that pops to your mind, especially if that first thing is a direct attack on a person’s core identity (e.g. a CEO’s business judgement). Empathetic authenticity is extraordinarily rare and valuable and takes a lot of time and effort to develop.

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      I think this is pretty interesting, but lobsters might not be the best place to share it. Generic business content doesn’t need lobsters to aggregate it, I’d say–there are plenty of other outlets. While we’re keeping lobsters' high signal to noise ratio, let’s keep this off the radar.

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        As far as I can tell, this seems to pretty clearly fit the tag description of “Development and business practices”. Am I missing the purpose of this tag?

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          It’s not engineering-specific. Because engineering touches pretty much everything in the world, if we included everything that could be related to engineering, we’d just become reddit / digg / slashdot / HN. The reason why most of us are on lobsters is because the signal to noise ratio is pretty high. Keeping it high requires pruning.

          I shouldn’t debate the specific tag (in theory, that’s what the “suggest”) button is for, but if you compare it against the other things in practices, pretty much the rest are clearly related to software or hardware.

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            Would you similarly raise this point on the thread of the top article about engineering salaries (also tagged “practices”), the comments of which are filled with political discussions about unions and guilds?

            Communication styles and the difficulties / risks of authentic discourse, in particular, seems to be very pertinent to the weaknesses of engineering teams and management, in my experience.

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              No, I don’t think we should police comments–I think being careful about the stories that we admit is sufficient. Note that that story is about engineering salaries.

              I agree that they are, but I don’t want lobsters to turn into what hacker news turned into. We already have more than enough of those.