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    Thanks for sharing! I’m working on Sorcia.

    But this software is not ready for that at all yet. The federation has to be done. It is still under development :)

    Contributors are welcome!

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      Thats awesome, I thought it was a fitting project so I posted it. Good luck in the future!

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        That’s Okay and Thank you! I’ll post here when it is ready.

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          I’m not sure how you’re planning to implement the federated aspect of your service, but if you’re interested in providing ActivityPub support, I’m working on a general purpose library for it and I could use other projects’ use cases.

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            AP is one part of it I’m exploring, but that’s not my real concern. I’ve been seeing that AP has been adapted particularly for Mastodon’s needs recently. It works well for a social network.

            But the question would be, how am I going to handle streaming or we can say bi-directional streaming when a user or multiple users forks a repository into their instance and again getting them to make a pull request to the forked/original repository on another instance. The use-case here is that what if all this happens simultaneously from many users. There are many bottlenecks here and I need a framework in order to handle this.

            So, I recently came across gRPC and it looks promising for what I wanted to do. Gotta give it a try.

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          This is interesting nonetheless, if I gather correctly, it’s supposed to be a self-hosted Git daemon of sorts with an emphasis on federation between installations so you can discover more software?

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            That’s what I’ve thought at first. I need to discover more softwares through Sorcia if people started using it. So, I’d have to go this way - the federation features are not much different from GitHub or any sorts of similar centralized social git hosting service if you ask me now.

            But I gotta be careful here, I don’t want to introduce too many social aspects into Sorcia. And that is the main reason I’ve started this project. So, it’s a challenge and an interesting one to explore and solve..

            The federations features would apply for:

            • Discover new users and their work
            • A user from an instance can make a pull request onto another instance.
            • A user from an instance can be added as a member to a repository which is hosted on another instance. Or maybe have access to act as a member to a repository hosted on another instance.

            These are the main features of federation in Sorcia.

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              That’s a pretty cool idea, I’m happy to see you exploring it! Good luck!

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          I stopped working on the JS-based git engine I was developing when GitHub bought npm. Seemed like it was time to return after two years of hosting my code on Gitlab, Gitea, and Rhodecode.

          However, I like how Sorcia is looking thus far.

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            JS-based git engine? I’d be very interested in that. Actually I did a small repo-viewer in JS back then (that cloned the repo partially in the browser). Do you have your work pushed somewhere? (quick glance at your github did not reveal anything but I probably missed it :) ).

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              Nope, I don’t have it publicly available. It was still in the discovery phase but it was very clean visually. I may embark upon it in the future.

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                Oh, maybe at least a screenshot even via a private message? :)