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What does this mean for its future?

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    stevej (ostrich, scala school, standard project, finagle, naggati) and robey (kestrel, naggati, gizzard, ostrich, sbt-scrooge, scala bootstrapper, streamyj, flockdb, standard-project) have both also left recently.

    My guess is that two things happened. First of all, Twitter got huge, and these guys who all joined early on the for the opportunity to make bold creative decisions quickly have found themselves in a big company where it’s crazy to just deploy something and see if the site breaks. Furthermore, many of them have been around for four years, and have finished vesting. The amount of stock they got at the beginning is no longer feasible to give to them again now, since they can steal 10 great engineers from Google for the price in stock they would need to give these guys to prevent them from being insulted and leaving (although I don’t actually know how long they have been around). Furthermore, it seems fully possible that they feel like all of the coding they ever do is maintaining their old code and managing other engineers, which is unfortunately usually the only way companies can figure out how to reward skilled engineers. Faced with working at what felt almost like Google instead of Twitter, and with a team 20 times what it was when they started, it probably isn’t that compelling to stay any longer.

    This is ok for Twitter. Twitter wil be fine without them, just as Google was fine without Paul Buccheit. People leave companies all the time, and many talented people, especially in software engineering, leave companies very quickly. The companies survive. Bootstrap will be maintained by the open source community, as well as other people at Twitter.

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      I’m unsure what the rules about tagging are here, but it feels like this deserves the “news” tag and that’s it. If I’m filtering for stories about “design” or “javascript”, this story doesn’t seem like it belongs.

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        Seems legit. I think that a story about Bootstrap qualifies as both design and bootstrap, but that’s just me.

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          Is this a story about JavaScript or news about a.JavaScript personality?

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            To me, it’s a story about one of the people who wrote a library whose work was being sponsored by a company leaving that job. I would have posted the same story as “Yehuda Katz (engineer behind Rails 3) leaves Engine Yard” (what does this mean for the future of Rails?)

            Just like you haven’t been helping out with Rails as much, I’m guessing this means that Fat won’t be with Bootstrap. Not that there’s anything the matter with that whatsoever, but it may indicate significant change in the project for the future.