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    Matthew Might’s U Combinator group has an interesting story behind their name:


    He’s at the same University as John Regehr. Also the place where Flux group did interesting stuff such as OSKit and the Flask scheme that led to SELinux. Their formal methods group seems to do a lot of stuff on verifying parallel computing:


    Might himself has some interesting papers among the others I couldn’t follow due to the dense, technical details. Best in utility was maybe using Racket for C++ metaprogramming. Related to this thread, a skim of the Abstracting Abstract Machines paper shows an interesting technique for static analysis of CESK machines. They did a lot more with AAM’s from there.


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      Matt Might is no longer with the University of Utah: http://matt.might.net/ says “I’ve moved from the School of Computing at the University of Utah to UAB to become the inaugural Director of the Hugh Kaul Personalized Medicine Institute!”.

      I don’t think we can ever trust busy academics to keep all their websites up-to-date. :-)

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        Yeah a known issue with them. Thanks for the update.

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      Thanks, this is super useful. One idea I have been pondering is leveraging the pony runtime to make an interpreted actor language