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    A bit of a pity. The LX brand on SmartOS has been a huge boon, and I suspect the same would apply to OpenBSD.

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      I think it depends. We push SmartOS (and SDC/Triton) for large, multi tenant servers where many customer workloads end up colocated, but isolated, in zones. I’m not sure that OpenBSD is currently well equipt for that style of workload, which is where the LX stuff has been extremely valuable.

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      I wonder if Skype still worked with this…

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        Doesnt work on linux much anymore anyway. Being stuck with an old userland might have been a feature.

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            Was just curious :-) For chat you can just use Web.skype.com

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            Wouldn’t expect it too, no recent >2 or even any 2.x version of skype would have worked with this i guess. Skype was too modern Linux centric at the end and required a ton of crap to work (and as pointed out by brynet in the other comment, it was 32 only).

            Good riddance indeed…

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              Skype 2.x worked fine on FreeBSD with Linux emulation up until fairly recently (as far as I know it still does), though you had to have an old copy of the binary since it wasn’t legal to redistribute.