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    Side note: you should have a link to your company’s actual website from your blog. I see many company’s do this and it basically says “please don’t buy my services”, IMO.

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      Is Wallaroo the first commercial pony application?

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        AFAIK, yes

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        This looks amazing, and reminds me a bit of differential dataflow (https://github.com/frankmcsherry/differential-dataflow).

        In the same way that differential dataflow is a set of Rust crates, is Wallaroo a set of Pony modules?

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          Thanks. We have plenty of work to do this, but we have a good solid core in place at this point. Big question for us is, where is the demand? What direction to do go in from here.

          Re: Pony modules. Not really. As it stands right now, Wallaroo is a framework that you plug code into. This isn’t entirely true, it has a bit of “framework” to it and a bit of “library” but thinking of it as a framework at this point in time makes the most sense.