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    I realize businesses need to cultivate a good image online, but the amount of anxiety around Internet reviews (perjorative intended) is really goofy. Clamping down on open communication almost always backfires, but it seems like every month someone else lines up to learn their lesson on this.

    I guess I don’t get it. I don’t mind reading criticism of stuff I do; I use it to get better. Most criticism falls into a few buckets: constructive, failures of execution, differences in taste between me and the critic, and whining. I can deal with all of those; failures of execution being the hardest. When people complain, you at least know they care, and there was some degree of investment involved that necessitated the complaint.

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      No, get the pitchforks.

      People only put this kind of energy into something if (a) they’re angry, (b) they are incentivised, or © easy and they get a psychic reward of some kind. We want positive reviews to belong to © but it just doesn’t seem like we can make it easy enough, and we put a lot of energy into (b), but this is really about (a). So when we see a post like this, we know that it’s unbiased, and all the benefit of the doubt we can offer it isn’t enough.

      And yet, the Company has the upper hand. As long as they can (d) pull the bait-and-switch, and force us to sue them to get the value that we (consumers) are expecting to get, they have an incredibly strong upper hand. The legal system is hard to use (cost) efficiently, and companies know it.

      We’ve given it to them; We no longer expect software to be delivered finished. It’s for this reason that we need companies to fear negative reviews. We need the creative director to ask himself is this good enough? before he releases this software. Before they release more fucking bullshit.

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        When I’m sifting reviews to help make a product choice, an overwhelmingly-negative review from a smart voice who isn’t personally aggrieved will make me look for the next option (product). Less applicable here since it’s so narrow, but true in general. Of course, the vendor is acting on that information incorrectly, but I get it.

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        That’s why you use free software

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          Reddit has a very large link roundup and thread on this.

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            Another episode of rms turning out correct.

            I do prefer my gpl software. :-)

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              Looks like pretty much every aspect of this could be a case study in how not to do customer relations in the internet age.