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Terminal 2048 clones are probably really unoriginal by now, but I wanted something with an old-fashioned shared scoreboard, so I made it available over SSH. (code)

ssh play@ascii.town

I want to add other games too, but most high-score games (such as Tetris) require timing, which doesn’t work well with potential latency over SSH. Any suggestions?


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    Damn…I trounced the current high score (32704, I got 61768), but was expecting it to announce “game over” or something and exited the session without recording it. Oh well.

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      Shit, sorry. I skipped implementing a game over check because it’s not entirely trivial.

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        I did the same thing the first try, you could just leave a message at the bottom with instructions.

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      Awesome. I really appreciate how simple the code is too.

      How about something like solitaire? Or sudoku (not sure how the scoreboard with work with that though).

      Most of the others I can think require multiple players which would add a lot more complexity.

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        This is great!