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    A nice idea, but if I’m going to go beyond the realm of the script of the shell I’m using, and pipe in and out of a fuller language, I’d turn to Ruby.

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      Thanks. Ruby is nice too. This is for the JS programmers out there. Also, for all its drawbacks npm has a module for pretty much everything.

      Add: I think the strength of basho is in how it lets you write and chain expressions with minimal typing. If you used node instead, you could achieve some (not all) of the same things; but with a lot of additional keystrokes.

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      Babashka is a similar idea for Clojure where you can do stuff like:

      ls | bb -i '(take 2 *input*)' | bb '(first *input*)'
      bb '(vec (dedupe *input*))' <<< '[1 1 1 1 2]'
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        Thats nice, thanks. Checking it out.