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    I read this and I don’t see how it is exceptional to “all the others”. All I got was a list of things that need to be improved.

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      The benefit is reproducible hermetic builds and never having builds with undeclared dependencies that only work by accident. No big deal for tens of files, but absolutely essential with thousands of files in half a dozen languages. I would have killed for bazel at one point in my life (but not installed a JRE… There are limits).

      As for why the post just highlights problems, it sounds like they’re making a new tool. Need to have problems to solve for that.

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        In which case “Recommended Improvements for Bazel” seems like a more apropos title. That’s really my only issue with the piece: the title doesn’t match the content.

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      I currently use nix to build a mixed rust/go project that fetches and builds a lot of dependencies and links them all together, it works pretty well as a build tool and I haven’t felt any of the issues he is mentioning.

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        And lets not forget Buck, Pants, Blaze, Please, Amazon’s interal one (I forget the name)…

        Buck is the best for mobile.

        Please is already written in Go.