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I recently upgraded my iPad to iPadOS 15. Long story short: I dislike the new Mobile Safari UI. Very, very much dislike it.

I decided to switch to Chrome for iPad, but it lacks the feature to make the text on web sites larger.

Of all the web sites I regularly visit, Lobsters has, by far, the smallest font. Too small for me to see on my iPad.

Is there a way to increase the font size on Lobsters in general (outside of the browser)? Perhaps some super duper secret bat-cave setting somewhere on Lobsters itself?

Thanks in advance!

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      There is an unofficial Lobster’s reader available for iPad that supports font size adjustments: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/claw-unofficial-lobsters-app/id1531645542

      It is also open source: https://github.com/twodayslate/claw

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        Was the person making that not banned from here for misbehaving comments or charging money or the likes?

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          Seems to have an active (as in, non-banned) account: https://lobste.rs/u/twodayslate

          I think you’re confusing them with someone else?

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            This was the thing I remembered. Not banned, but it did go about money…