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    What a curious article; a number of these issues such as “Windows has more audio/video codecs” and “AMD drivers being broke AF as always” sound like this was written in 2002 or something. As for the rest: of course you don’t need use Linux; no one said you need to. Lots of people just prefer it and feel it works better for them. The only thing I would ever encourage people to do is try out a few different things to explore what’s out there.

    Also, as far as I know, Windows is pretty stable? Last time I used it was Windows 7 over ten years ago, but that worked well enough and from what I’ve heard it hasn’t really regressed stability-wise. Also seems a bit of a curious take that would fit better in 2002 than in 2021.

    If you’re a devotee of Richard Stallman and his band of GNU fanatics and think that everything should go open source

    I’m the last one to be pedantic about terminology in general, and I’ve frequently rolled my eyes at the whole “Free Software” vs. “Open Source” battle, but at the same time “Richard Stallman [who] thinks that everything should go open source” demonstrates some amount of ignorance. If you want to critique something and be taken seriously then the first step is to accurately and fairly summarize the opposing position.

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      This is a really weird article, almost as if the author is coming from a place of insecurity. I’m curious what prompted the article to be written. What was happening at the time that was causing people to decide whether or not they should run Linux enough to prompt this?

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        to me this looks similar to what happens with other movements that have a very loud minority with a big sense of moral grandstanding (like veganism). It prompts a lot of defensiveness on the other side out of the fear of being judged, and then you get terrible articles that are either “i eat meat but i’m still a good person” or “those freaky vegans are also evil, actually”

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          I’ve been told more than once that I don’t care about quality, customer satisfaction, or doing things correctly because I used a language other than Rust…every group has its zealots.

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        I find it amusing that all of the ‘if X then Linux’ apply equally (and, in some cases, better) to *BSD (if your motivation is avoiding a monoculture, don’t install the most popular open source kernel). In contrast, all of the of the ‘if X then you can use Linux or Windows / macOS’ are strongly slanted towards not-Linux. My take-home from this is that there’s no compelling reason to use Linux.

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          I haven’t used BSD in a while, so forgive me if this has changed, but last time there was some issues with practical things like the widevine DRM used on Netflix and Spotify, and some common-ish things like Docker didn’t run. I also had the issue that my Intel graphics weren’t supported on BSD yet (but were on Linux). Not an issue for everyone, and not any fault of the BSD projects themselves necessarily, but practically speaking there are a few more hurdles in BSD-land unfortunately.