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Wouldn’t it be great to allow a fellow developer to quickly and securely SSH into your laptop when you’re in the middle of a debugging session even if you are on two separate networks behind NAT?


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    This seems to insecure for a number of reasons, but I haven’t taken a close look. It seems to run with sibling privileges to your system (no isolation) and depend on a centralized server to handle mediation. Moreover you can accomplish this easily, and more securely, by running a Docker instance with OpenSSH as the command, http://github.com/theirusername.keys as authorized_keys and your code directory as a volume.

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      +1 to the http://github.com/theirusername.keys trick, never knew that was a thing. I wonder if that’s also usable on GHE, might be useful for making internal infra accessible to specific team members without having to provision new accounts, etc.

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      Looks very cool ?