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    The weirdest or most surprising thing to me about the whole story is how so many people she interacts with think that she’s somehow the enemy because she’s (1) a lawyer and (2) a hacker. She’s trying to help, to protect, but because people are so afraid of either computers or laws that they don’t understand, she’s stuck in the intersection of someone everyone considers dangerous, and they stonewall her.

    I hadn’t even considered that being a woman also means she gets targeted with threats. Man, that must be rough.

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      It’s the problem I had. I started describing myself as “a security researcher and engineer who tries to find and eliminate weaknesses that let people do things like steal your money or trash your computer. We try to spot & fix the problems before the bad folks show up.”

      Worked wonders on perception. Just never mention the attacker phrases or words when describing yourself.

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      Suggest security and hardware. person is usually more for people of historical interest.