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    1. Write the program in a reversible style.
    2. Reverse the program.
    2.5 ????
    3. Insert gradient codes.

    Yeah, I think I need to read the paper…

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      From glance of it, seems it sugests you don’t need to keep a stack of previous values, therefore, reduces the memory usage (no need of auxiliary memory to store the forward pass computed values). Seems plausible until some computations cannot be reversed?

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        Thats also my concern. What are actual use cases of this technology? I guess only computation where the amount of information stays constant are allowed, which would discard many use case. You cant create something from nothing.

        May be a single or multi body physics simulation?

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      This repository definitely needs a Tenet reference of some kind. Code inversion might be cooler than time inversion or will lead one to the other? :D Very cool project!