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    Why the downvotes? This seems like a useful site…

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      (I didn’t downvote.) People are probably downvoting because the site has no useful content without signing up for a $7.99/mo subscription.

      A minor rant: when I was first learning Rails I was frustrated that nearly all the learning resources took the form of video presentations (railscasts was the de facto site for a lot of material). The videos would dominate Google search results and people would link to them as the only answer to your particular question.

      It was frustrating because:

      • you can’t quickly scan a video to see if it contains the answer to your question or not
      • it’s orders of magnitude slower than skimming a text article and extracting the important bits
      • you need to find your headphones or be in an environment where audio is ok (not to mention being inaccessible to the hearing-impaired)

      Sometimes I do want to kick back and watch a video presentation on a topic, but when I’m looking to get information quickly it can feel like it’s annoyingly locked away deep in some video. I think it’s an antipattern and I hope that it doesn’t see a resurgence.

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        Thanks for the feedback. I’m the owner, and I plan on doing more involved show notes that you don’t need to register to read and to include free videos in the near future.

        I cut features just to actually ship the site, so I could do a soft launch and get feedback like this.

        (Some people learn from reading documentation, some learn from reading code and some learn from watching videos. I personally prefer watching videos and want to cater to others who do as well.)

        But I definitely hear some problems, and I didn’t plan on promoting this wide yet.

        I get that there’s no way to know the quality or content of videos until you sign up (and I know there’s only three so far, Episode 4 ships Friday), and I plan on having free video options by the end of the week.