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      loxcraft started off as yet another implementation of Crafting Interpreters, but I decided to take it up a notch and build:

      • syntax highlighting, via tree-sitter
      • an online playground, via WebAssembly
      • IDE integration, via Language Server Protocol
      • an REPL
      • really good error messages

      Also, it’s really fast! Most implementations of Lox turn out to be significantly slower than the one in C, but this one comes really close. Suggestions for how to improve performance further would be highly appreciated!

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        Nicely done, @ajeetdsouza!

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        I’m currently working through the first implementation in the book (but in Go) and take this as a personal attack. You’re showing me up!

        But seriously, this is really impressive! Nice work.

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      This is great. A modern and successful language is so much more than it used to be. Examples of how to create this additional tooling is very helpful.

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      I’ve been intending to work through Crafting Interpreters, and then add LSP support. I’m glad to have this for inspiration!