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    Haven’t read this yet but looks useful on first glance. Short and sweet.

    I really wish every service/project people would write would have documentation around what architectural patterns it implements and why. Plus discussion of any deviations or “weird parts” that might not make sense at first, etc. It would really help put code into context right from the beginning for both writers and readers.

    Anyone know of any open source projects that do this well? Would be great to see some examples for inspiration.

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      Back in 2003, I hacked on a native Win32 client for AOL Instant Messenger. It uses a combination of a microkernel architecture + message (aka event) broker to decouple the application into pluggable features I called components that can be developed independently. It turned out pretty well, but working on a real implementation of the AIM protocol sucked up a lot of time. You can sign on to 1-n AIM accounts, set your away message, and message other users.