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    10 EUR /mo for just checking DNS every 5 minutes from a single location?

    Is there really a market for that?

    Especially considering that, 1, managed DNS is free nowadays, 2, the cost of a “droplet” to run much more than just that is less than 5 USD / mo nowadays from a whole bunch of reputable providers? I mean, in today’s cloud mentality, who runs their own master/slave DNS servers anyways, for this to be of any real use?

    Also, a 50% discount for just two months as a replacement for the free tier is kinda laughable, IMHO, especially considering the mark-up that the service must have. I’d say that 5 EUR / year is probably the ceiling for any such service, 10 EUR / mo makes very little sense.

    I see Pingdom has similar pricing, but they check every minute, from multiple locations, and the stuff that they check folks generally pay 20+ USD/mo for, whereas, for better or worse, the DNS has a pricetag of free even for larger sites.

    Of course, feel free to disregard my opinion, as I’m about to go look for the free stuff in that GitHub repo you mention. :-)

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      This seems like it would fit better at Barnacles instead of Lobsters.