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    Parsers not allowing trailing commas has always made me a little upset. What’s the point?

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      I thought this would be about JSON’s terrible licensing.

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        Yeah, sure sucks that a license forbids being used for evil. Or, you know, they could just ask for a dispensation–as IBM did–to specifically allow the use for evil.

        I am sure there are more tiresome things than slapfights with mouth-breathing licensing poindexters in the Debian project, but I can’t think of any without nodding off.

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        Presumably we would use liberal JSON for progressive enhancement. :)

        More seriously, this and the article it links to (“How to Fix JSON”) are some of the only reasonable complaints about the format that don’t seem to be “We really just want YAML but people use JSON so let’s corrupt YAML”. The point about timestamps is particularly on-point.