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      I happen to be an ipad subscriber to esquire. Here’s where the train really goes off the rails: the magazine app occasionally has links to their website for “bonus” content. You get the exact same three second delayed pop up ad to subscribe when you click those links. From inside the app’s own web view. Fortunately the bonus content is all bullshit, so I just ignore it now.

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      Cannot agree more.

      BTW, I was at a Testing Automation Bazaar 2016, where someone was talking about how they write tests. They mentioned that when their test runs to click a button, it would sometimes fail, because javascript rearranges the page, and there’s a race condition.

      Their solution was to make whomever responsible fix the web-site, right? Nope, it was to “fix” their already correct test – they would instead introduce a delay to their test, to make sure that they position the location for the click after the the jitter and the “content” has settled in Now, what’s the point of such a test if the users are still facing the race condition as was originally discovered?