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Sometimes I stumble upon an inspiring biography of a programmer but it might not fit neatly into any of these categories, but I think is interesting and could generate positive discussions.

The story that I stumbled upon today that would fit that category:


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    I’d say that’s off-topic. For biographies that are on-topic, person works fine.

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      I’d even argue that this is the preferred usage of the person tag. I dislike it being used for living folks or in interviews or persona advertising/marketing.

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      I don’t think such a tag would be a good fit for this site.

      It’s a short step from submitting “interesting” Wikipedia links, which is one of the banes of HN.

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        I worry that it would also attract another bane of HN, that of hero-worship hagiography posts. It’s more interesting to me to see a post what the person did, and I’ll look at the biography from there.

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        Normally I’d say yes to more tags but this one not for me.

        Biographies are rather OT in my eyes, I’m here for technology not people. Plus, as it has been pointed out, person tag is already there.