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    These stories about bad experiences with Logo are so depressing. The full Logo environment and the education revolution the researchers were trying out in the lab was amazing, but as usual the school system can take anything and make it dull and terrible. Easiest way to make a child hate something is to have it covered in school.

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      When the exercise is “draw a box” it’s going to be boring. When the exercise is “draw a picture” it will be more exciting. Creative freedom must have been missing.

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        Girlfriend told me yesterday she hates programming because of Logo in high school. I was surprised.

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        Wonderful article.

        I’m ten years behind the author (I suppose) but my experiences mirror his own.

        Just substitute the Coleco/Adam for a single box running DOS, keep the BASIC (but running on a TI-83), and substitute Logo with Python.

        End result was almost the same: completely turned me off to programming, slowly came back into the fold, stayed away from Python, and am now binging Rust (although Ruby can go smelt in hell, or whatever jewels do).

        Intermediate things are there too: I really think I’d like Lua, and PowerShell/C# did wonders for bridging functional/OOP programming paradigms after being burned by Python.

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          Why did Python turn you off to programming so much? Just by being too far from the machine?