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    I’m glad to see something like this. As a career-long Python programmer, PyCharm was and always is my IDE of choice – I vary only when writing one-off scripts where I don’t need the power of PyCharm. I default to SublimeText4 + plugins to code basically anything else I do.

    VSCode is great as well, but I never felt comfortable in it. It always felt to me like it was made for Frontend Devs, and everything I did as a BE dev was a third-class citizen and was often just flat missing support (I have continue to poke at it every so often to check if those things had changed too!)

    If the author (or anyone else who is interested) reads this: I SO recommend checking out DataGrip by JetBrains too! It’s come to be my go-to database browser. All the power of a JetBrains IDE, targeted at databases. It’s an absolute joy.

    edit: One thing not mentioned in this, that maybe the author doesn’t know about: JetBrains IDEs actually have built-in support for syncing your IDE settings across products and machines! If you connect your source control account like GH to the IDE, it will make a private repo to store your IDE settings and you can sync them automatically by logging in with your license from then on. It’s SO NICE.

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      My main problem is that the IDEs vary so much depending on which language you’re using. Sure, they’re nice frameworks and each has its upsides and downsides, but sometimes some things just drive you nuts in general, but mostly it’s about the specific plugin. I like IntelliJ, but for quickly opening a project or folder in some non-main language VS Code seems a lot better. IntelliJ might not have finished starting by the time I have opened the other project, searched what I needed, copied it, and closed it again. On the other hand I often use VS Code on my non-developer machine, because I can remote ssh into another box, have a terminal inside it open, just do tmux a and continue exactly where I left off. But the actual experience of writing isn’t so great.

      TLDR: It depends.

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        I primarily work in C# so I use Visual Studio. When Jetbrains Rider was in beta I tried it out just out of curiosity (I find it hard to be fanatical about microsoft products, both vs and vscode have glaring flaws in my opinion). It was amazing. The price tag was the only thing that has stopped me getting a license. I will probably fork out for it at some point though.

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          If you’re a student you can get (almost?) all Jetbrains IDEs for free!

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            Great, and then when you graduate you have to migrate everything to some other IDE. Not really worth the effort. Either way it does not matter to me, I am not a student. I can get almost all Jetbrains IDEs for like 10k a year.

            If you are a billionaire you can get pretty much any software your want for an insignificant amount of money.

            If you are a unicorn you can don’t really need software.

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              What a strange comment.

              The “All Products Pack” is $249 for yr1, $199 in yr2, and $149/yr onwards. It includes a perpetual fallback license (you keep what you’ve got when you cancel). Not $10k.

              You don’t need to be a billionaire to afford that. Most software developers can. And those that can’t almost all fall into categories of people Jetbrains will give a discount to.

              You’d think software developers would have more sympathy with having to charge money for software but every discussion of Jetbrains (whose products I don’t use) seems to have one person complaining about the totally reasonable price.

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                Sorry for this, I just guessed based on some vague memory of what individual products cost. I guessed there might be an all products pack but I didn’t check it. Having said that I was not trying to criticise jetbrains for charging money, more I was frustrated with the post I replied to which felt like an advertisement and was totally not helpful to me. I am sorry for this too however, as the comment was likely directed at readers in general and not at me directly. I guess I was just having a grumpy day.

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                  Don’t worry, we all have such days. Big of you to admit that. Cheers, mate.