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      Is there any way to return the money? Just because it was anonymous doesn’t mean there isn’t.

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        It’s Tornado Cash, so no, there isn’t.

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      I’m curious about moving clone and exec into userspace. Does anyone have a link to the underlying system call interfaces that make this possible?

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        As far as I can tell, this is the new implementation of clone in their libc, which does things like opening cur_pid_fd and new_pid_fd, duplicating addrspace of cur_pid_fd (Redox dup has an optional second argument), and writing to current-addrspace of new_pid_fd.

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          If I understand correctly, thisproc:current/open_via_dup is a magic path that opens a process descriptor to the current process? It then has the ability to duplicate mappings from one process descriptor to another? That’s very Mach-like. It’s a shame that they’ve built access to the current process descriptor on top of a global namespace, which makes it harder to move to a clean capability model, but the rest of it looks very elegant.