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What are you doing this weekend? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      Us was really awesome. Y’all should go see it.

      And I got that release done. So I guess all that is left is exercising and relaxing.


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      Coming back from the vacation we went on to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. I’m dreading Monday; I know work’s going to be pretty bad.

      The vacation was nice though.

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        I recently became a homeowner so this weekend I’m prepping most of the walls for painting and hopefully finishing removing the wallpaper in the basement.

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          Adult life strikes again!

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          I’m working on configuring my work setup to be more vim/keyboard focused :)

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            Can’t recommend this enough. Short lessons - “kata” that if you spend a few minutes on them a day will accelerate your Vim-fu tremendously.

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              dude. You’re awesome. Thank you!

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                I second this recommendation. The tips in Practical Vim are clear and to-the-point. I wish all technical learning could be like this.

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                  Definitely! I started to say that I wasn’t sure whether some topics would lend themselves to kata more than others, but then, if the goal is to come out the other side building a skill (Learning Vim, programming in Haskell/Python/C++/whatever) then kata are probably a good fit.

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              I loved the look of the recently-posted Endlessh project so much that I’m going to integrate it with fail2ban and iptables to redirect banned attackers into the tarpit.

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                Apparently we have similar ideas. I just threw an SSH tarpit together earlier and was looking at how to integrate it.

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                1. Working on slides for my ‘Googling in PostgreSQL’ presentation this Thursday. I will go over the functionality provided by the database and how to use it to implement a full text search over a corpus of emails (how to design a search document etc).
                2. Gaming still haven’t finished Far Cry 4 and Sundered
                3. Continuing to read the Godfather
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                  Can’t wait for the slides! I was thinking about working on this kind of project for fun and for learning more about how search engines work.

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                    The slides arrived, however they are in Polish. You should be able to get the gist of it from reading it and be able to reproduce the test setup as I include a clonable repository and dataset that you can load to your postgres instance.

                    Slides: https://junk.tintagel.pl/talks/Googling-in-PostgreSQL.pdf

                    Dataset: https://junk.tintagel.pl/talks/misc.tar.gz

                    Repo: https://github.com/mulander/googling-in-postgresql

                    1. Clone repo
                    2. Download misc.tar.gz
                    3. tar zxvf misc.tar.gz
                    4. make
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                  Hiking up Black Mountain (CA)!

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                    Backcountry skiing in Utah’s Wasatch range! I’ll be here all week!

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                      Playing with writing a fuse filesystem in rust.

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                        I dunno, probably something. I kinda wish these threads were “what did you do this last weekend?” instead, I’d know for sure by then.

                        Might be one of:

                        • Work on my tokio-coap library.
                        • Finish up my new automation system for the front door to my apartment building.
                        • Keep playing with writing some really basic parts to a git implementation in pure Rust.
                        • Go hiking on a bit of the Superior Hiking Trail.
                        • Clean and fix my bike now that its spring so I can start biking to work.
                        • Put up a hammock and read something.
                        • Something completely different from any of that.
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                          • Bike work. I just built an e-bike (AMA) and tomorrow I’m putting on a suspension fork and upgrading the motor mount. And replacing the chain it ate two nights ago.
                          • Attempting to buy a pickup truck.
                          • Oh yeah I have a six-month old
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                            Do you have any details written up about your experience building an e-bike? I ride an h-bike (human powered bike), and love wrenching on bikes, so I’m intrigued by what you did and your experience since it seems like you would have to modify quite a lot to make it work.

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                              I don’t have anything written up, but basically I added a Cyclone 3000W mid-drive motor ordered direct from Taiwan to a Surly Karate Monkey I already had. I got this battery sold by Luna Cycle, added some waterproofing and padding around the edges, and installed it in the main triangle of the bike.

                              Today I’m putting on a suspension fork to replace the stock rigid fork, swapping out the crap mounts that came with the motor in favor of this motor mount also sold by Luna Cycle, and replacing the chain it ripped apart a few nights ago. :)

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                                I suspect you need a special chain for that since it ate one a few nights ago? This sounds like a very fun project, one day I would like to build a bike!

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                                  Well, my chain selection is limited because I have a 9-speed gear cluster in the rear, so I can only use a nice, heavy, wide BMX chain for the motor-to-chainring drive. The chain it ate was a few years old, I’m hoping that had something to do with it.

                                  The work today went well, except that I cut and yanked the throttle cable apart, so I ordered a new one of those. I’m certain the new motor mount will perform a lot better than the old one.

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                              I just built an e-bike (AMA)

                              Any things you wish you’d know before on building one up? (I keep debating retrofitting the other half’s bike with ebike gubbins. Can’t decide if that’s worth it or if I’m better just selling the current one and getting her one that’s already put together.)

                              1. 2

                                I did a fair bit of research, so I’d say: not really. I used to have a Very Loud bike stereo setup for a few years, so I was prepared for the chore of running DIY, high-current electronics on an all-weather bicycle. I am having fun so far!

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                                  Footnote: looks like I will have a bike stereo again. Just found and ordered this very inexpensive 2x150W board based on the Texas Instruments TPA3255 class D amp-on-a-chip. It’ll run right off my 52V battery. I’ll have to figure out speakers and mounting, which is easier on my other bike because it has a front rack, but that’s not too hard.

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                              Hmm polish up a library wrapper for the Salt Stack API in Rust, do some reading on basic physics and see about messing with SDR again. Nice quiet weekend.

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                                create SVG favicons for my websites


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                                  Learning some FM synthesis to improve my sound design skills.

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                                    I have to take a test for work, so I can be an actual employee. I’m also going to the local university library; going to check out On War and some Aristotle. Going to the library also means getting some of the world’s best pizza!

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                                      Hacking on some small language.

                                      Last week was rather successful:

                                      • Made the language’s === operator work on all types (not only references)
                                      • Introduced a shorthand syntax for function definitions, whose body consists of a single expression
                                      • Implemented some intrinsic operations in assembler

                                      So my plans for this weekend:

                                      • Migrate all language modifiers to annotations
                                      • Better parsing of negative number literals: -1.isNan() should work, I shouldn’t have to write (-1).isNan()
                                      • Introduce Unit and Nothing types, and discard special function syntax for procedures
                                      • Improve naming of existing Stuff, internal -> intrinsic, int -> Int, Nil -> Pending, Str -> String etc.
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                                        What language are you making? Do you have it up or documented anywhere?

                                        1. 1

                                          There isn’t much documentation yet, but I link to/write up some documentation I should have done long ago.

                                          My starting point and a short intro into the design philosophy before I go to bed:

                                          From where I see it, most people have an idea or want to accomplish some specific thing when they create a language. They spent a lot of effort to get that aspect right and everything else is largely left unpolished.

                                          My takeaway from this is that we tons of languages which are good at 20% of what they do, and terrible at 80%. The difference between languages is largely how the 20%/80% have been allocated to different parts of each language.

                                          My goal:

                                          • A language that discards all the fancy ideas and focuses on getting the basics 100% right.
                                          • The most minimal, useful language leveraging all the lessons we learned from the last 40 years of language design.

                                          This means discarding decades of cruft, unifying similar language concepts and minimizing surface syntax&semantics. I want to have a core language that is minimal, correct, self-consistent that – instead of having no obvious defect – has obviously no defects.

                                          Three guiding principles:

                                          • A language can be popular or high-quality.
                                          • Good language design is leaving things out, keeping things out and throwing things out; not adding things.
                                          • In a world in which no language seems to be done ever and keeps adding new features with every release; I want to actually finish the language, declare it done after I have convinced myself that there is nothing left to remove.

                                          Wow, that text got long. Sorry for that. Some actual technical details when I’m on a real computer tomorrow, I promise.

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                                        Also probably watching the fallout from the Mueller report.

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                                          Ooh it’s gonna come out this weekend! I saw it on Lobste.rs! :)

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                                          Pool tournament (super rusty, but should be fun), maybe some more VR and drawing practice.

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                                            This week I’m trying to keep the Carpal Tunnel Ghost at bay, so I cashed in some of my ubiquitous extra hours to extend the weekend. I’ve been baking long rise Emmer wheat rolls, riding my fatbike in the snowy forest, and listening to Galbraith/Rowling’s fourth Strike novel (after 35% I’ll be generous and say “OK minus”).

                                            I’m always surprised at how many creative ideas I get when I just force myself to stay away from the computer, without having any other plans for the day. It’s a bit like spring cleaning, should really make a habit of it.

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                                              Continuing to work on my language learning iOS app side project, mostly at a local Coffee & Code meetup.

                                              Now that the other night I finally solved a terrible issue I’d been having with AVFoundation for a while now (hooray for proprietary libraries emitting numeric error codes), I’m stoked to get moving with it again.

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                                                IFrame payment gateway integration. Hike? Pet doggos!! :D

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                                                  Fighting off strep throat. Which consists of downing antibiotics, ibuprofen, gargling aspirin and saltwater, sucking on Tyrozets and generally feeling miserable while sleeping on the couch so I don’t get the wife and kids sick…

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                                                    Continuing to unpack infrastructure as prolog. The use cases at work are mostly a success so the idea has legs.

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                                                      Taking care of the kids, 2 of them: 5 and 2 years olds. If I get to have a bit of time for myself (like now) I’ll probably read something about Rust and continue working on my pet project, written in Rust. Days are sunny but cold, maybe a bit of bike practice with the little one.

                                                      Going to town for an ice cream after lunch and a few games of chess with the kiddo before dinner.


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                                                        Trying LÖVE with Fennel. This is fun.

                                                        1. 3

                                                          I’ll be preparing for a computability and formal languages test in a few weeks, and will be writing an APL interpreter in Elisp in whatever time is left.

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                                                            Finishing Mao II.

                                                            Trying to read more of Code Complete 2.

                                                            Trying to maybe take my film camera out and find something to shoot. There’s lots of natural beauty surrounding me. There’s also the fringes of the city, which might offer up some nice views.

                                                            Continue restoring a Neo Geo arcade cabinet. New vinyl siding arrived and I need to actually plan out the entire process of applying it without making a mess of things.

                                                            Maybe watch Street Fighter (1995)?

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                                                              I’m out on holidays this weekend, I’ve just arrived in Miami and are flying to Tampa tomorrow only to roadtrip back to Miami past Disneyland and mother trucking Kennedy Space Center. I’m stoked :-)

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                                                                • Sell a car (other half disagrees that four is the correct number of cars to own)
                                                                • Replace the front brakes on the big car, given the parts are here and the ones on the car are basically shot
                                                                • Oil/filter change on the smallest car, given the parts are here, etc
                                                                • Potentially get out for a bike ride
                                                                • Go racing in the dinghy! Finally got her in the water yesterday and pottered around for a bit. Sadly my crew is away camping this weekend, but I’m sure I can still have fun without them even if I don’t get a handicap boost for being single-handed.
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                                                                  Being evening on call for work and when not on call going to the MFA Boston.

                                                                  Also more playing with trig and curves in PICO-8.

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                                                                    It’s crunch-time on one of my Haskell apps for the next few days before a few meetings in the coming week with potential investors and potential beta partners. One of my business partners had his last day at his day job yesterday; he resigned so he could join me full-time on this project. That’s two of three co-founders full-time on this now.

                                                                    This week will also be my final full week in warm, sunny Thailand before I return to Poland, and freeze.

                                                                    1. 2

                                                                      I finished up my AWS/Lambda/CloudFormation/F#/Python/Vue/C# project this past week. I think I’ll take a bit of free time and clean it up, check it in, maybe make a quick explainer video/blog about lessons learned along the way.

                                                                      1. 2

                                                                        Writing a little tool to split old git commits easily https://github.com/FedericoCeratto/git-split

                                                                        1. 2

                                                                          Visiting family & old friends, so pretty much nothing else. Next week will be a lot, so I’ll try to do some work beforehand while I travel back and forth.

                                                                          1. 2

                                                                            My old trusty ps3 broke down last weekend, after ~12 years and I was kind of bummed about it. I’m on call this weekend and I’m going to grab a new ps4 slim and a couple of second hand games.

                                                                            Other things:

                                                                            • more Go reading, I kind of gave up doing a big bang and am starting from basics
                                                                            • making soup together with the kids, they love helping
                                                                            • taking care of our cat, it got hit by a car, probably low speed because there is no big damage but he’s sore and won’t get up and walk
                                                                            • start looking at practical AWS/Google cloud implementations, never used them and we’re looking at using them at work. Tips to get started on them are always welcome. We have a vast amount of Dev + Ops knowledge in our team but noone really played with cloud setups
                                                                            1. 2

                                                                              Working on Arch’s mirror notification system, automating mails to be send out to mirror admin’s if their mirror is broken or lacks behind. Tomorrow hopefully migration some Arch infra into terraform.

                                                                              1. 2

                                                                                Beekeeping course, protesting against article 13 of the EU copyright reform, baking sourdough bread, spending quality time with my girlfriend.

                                                                                1. 2

                                                                                  Finishing a long running WordPress refactoring and redesign.

                                                                                  The design was ported from the pixel era to a design system; the code again was refactored from typical spaghetti to use PHP/HTML/SCSS/JS components a-la-React style.

                                                                                  Quite an interesting job. Finally I can see a WordPress site updated to 2019 best practices.

                                                                                  On the other hand it was revealed how cost effective a design system / code components can be.

                                                                                  1. 2

                                                                                    A Vim script that leverages Intero for Haskell code editing smarts. I find the current plugin offering insufficient and the only other Intero script is for Neovim, which I happen to not use (yet).