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I find many replies to my questions illuminating and helpful. I’d like to not add to clutter by adding a ‘Thanks’ reply. I up-vote them, but it would be nice to have a ‘Thanks’ button so the writer can see someone has thanked them for an illuminating discussion/answer


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    One feature I liked of Scoop, the software that runs the old Kuro5hin (and later, DailyKos and other sites), is that it shows you who’s ‘rated’ your comments. I used this as a ‘thanks’ fairly often. In addition to its direct use in discussion threads, imo in the right community it also helps subtly build a sense of community through more pervasive use, since you get a sense of who regularly is reading and appreciating your comments.

    Instead of introducing a separate ‘thanks’ feature, maybe just show the poster who upvoted their comments? I’m trying to think of downsides to this, but they seem fairly unlikely.

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      My gut instinct says this would encourage groupthink by pointing people toward like-minds.

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        I think if you make it visible to the author only it would slow (enough to prevent?) groupthink permeating throughout.

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          Yeah, I agree with all of this - I would call the potential problem something like “cliquishness” rather than group think, but in any event making the list of up-voters only visible to each comment’s author addresses both.

          As an important caveat, I would certainly not make the list of down-voters visible. That just creates bad feelings all around. I think there was a thread here about it sometime last year. :)

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