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    I don’t fully grok the applicability of the portable execution state idea, but the idea of being able to run untrusted programs on network servers to minimize round-trip time seems valuable, i.e. the “turing complete graphql.” that kind of idea seems like it really shines when writing a custom API server but would probably be less valuable for a standard database server.

    this is the sort of thing that was always possible with JS but for some reason WASM’s reduced scope really opens up ideas for new applications that were previously not explored with JS.

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      The program-in-a-data-file obviously needs some kind of access to a display and input devices, but that interface can be a lot simpler and standardized than a file format specification.

      I’m guessing the author has never dealt with accessibility or internationalization. UI is really complicated.

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        Sounds kinda similar in spirit to Smalltalk runtime blobs.