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    For mature frameworks / libraries built with security in mind for doing Web applications in C, have a look at :

    • Kore - Easy to use web application framework for writing scalable web APIs in C
    • kcgi - Minimal CGI and FastCGI library in C
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      What is particularly “scalable” about Kore? I read through the documentation and it seems like a standard shared-nothing HTTP framework.

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      Are there performance benchmarks for this? Writing something in C doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll run faster than if it were written in eg: LuaJIT, especially if the C code isn’t written with cache efficiency in mind. And GLib is (or was the last time I used it) very pointer-fetchy.

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        Hopefully it’s a lot faster than “hundreds of requests per second”, the stat touted on the site.

        The author says he is planning to publish some benchmarks.