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    Freedombone is a Debian based system for self-hosting on hardware which you own and which resides in your own location. It’s similar to Yunohost or FreedomBox. It can run on an old laptop or a single board computer. The project has been going since 2013, originally based upon the Beaglebone Black.

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      As you seem knowledgeable, could you elaborate a bit on the differences to the Freedombox project? The FAQ only mentions Yunohost and Sandstorm, but I think project were the name has a Levensthein distance of 2 could be easily confused with Freedombone. Especially given that both seem to be based on Debian.

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          Thanks! Not sure how I missed that…

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      A little word about what this is might be useful to those of us who browse lobsters at work, thanks.

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        I agree, it could be read as a new version for a dating app for libertarian swingers. I’ve suggester the linux tag.

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          A quick google shows there’s also a gun attachment with the same name.

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            I think this project pre-dates the gun attachment. As usual I searched to see if anyone was using that name in 2013, and they weren’t at the time.

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              I just mean it’s good to say what it since there exists a name conflict :), also because the name doesn’t tell me anything about what it is or does.

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        “Community networks are where the physical infrastructure - the routers, cables and antennas - are democratically owned, not by giant telcos or people who don’t even live in the region.”

        If this gets bigger and State-side, I wonder if that’s still true given there’s just a few Tier 1 providers you’d have to deal with. A handful of companies could still decide to or be forced to target some group with potentially nation-wide effects. Edit to add there’s probably similar risk in other countries, esp if fewer or state-run providers.