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    Classic Passion Project…..

    Nobody on the planet would say, “This is a Good Idea, you should do that and get rich and famous….”

    However, anybody looking at it would say, “Wow! That’s incredible, that must have taken sooo much work. It’s amazing, it’s beautiful, it’s fantastic….. (but but why why would you do that to yourself!?)”

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      but but why why

      Come on… it’s a sparkling gem in his portfolio. It will help him get more and better design work. This is not hard to understand!

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        It is indeed a sparkling gem. I love it.

        But I will bet you in the current economic climate it will have negative ROI, and constitute a huge opportunity loss compared to other things he could have done.

        That said, yup, it’s magnificent.

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      I have always adored Byrne’s Euclid and I consider the Taschen reproduction one of the finest books I have. But this digital version is insanely well-executed to the point where I almost prefer it to the reproduction! I am very impressed.

      Thank you, to the author, for sharing their process.

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        Ooh! I was surprised I couldn’t pay for the ebook version of it; I’d love to see this as an interactive epub.