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      I don’t mean to be rude, but python 3 has been around and the preferred python for Web development for some time, the fact that the migration needed to make a blog post is a bit over the top.

      I personally switched all my django projects to pyramid over 5 years ago now, mainly for as the post suggests, the ‘django’ method of development is heavily influenced by lots of third party plugins, which causes dependency hell come upgrade time. And (from my experience) you may only need 10% of the plugins capabilities in your application. And usually what would break these plugins wasn’t python, it was djangos framework code.

      For a company so reliant on a Web front end, I would have seriously considered swapping out third party libraries some time ago, but that’s just me.

      Anyway, the point to my rant is that python 2 - > 3 is in reality (for this use case, Web) a daily non trivial task. Hence why one year at PyCon everyone was talking about it (in angst of the upgrade) and next year no one was, (because, in most cases, even for large projects its only a day, or two, max).