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    How does this compare to other tools? Coincidentally, I just used PlantUML for the first time this past week (had to admit that my policy of “don’t do UML” isn’t infinitely sustainable).

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      +1 for PlantUML - very nice tool with a VS Code plugin.

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        I used to have that policy; but I eventually realised that what I was railing against was (in my opinion) misuse of UML; UML as a tool for communication is perfectly helpful. Especially sequence diagrams; I love those.

        Also another happy PlantUML user here :) It works really well with orgmode and babel to autogenerate diagrams in HTML documents.

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        I love mermaid! I use them in my obsidian notes all the time.

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          Do i need a plugin for that?

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            It’s supported out of the box, you can create a markdown code block with the language as mermaid (starting with 3 backticks followed by mermaid and ending with 3 backticks)

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            One great thing about Azure DevOps is the wiki supports mermaid

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              Makes me think GitLab does also support mermaid: https://about.gitlab.com/handbook/tools-and-tips/mermaid/, which can be pretty handy to use in the wiki or to answer in some issues.

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            Kroki is a REST service that can render mermaid and many other plain text diagrams. KeenWrite is my plain text editor that can embed text-based diagrams, which are then rendered by Kroki in near real-time. See the screenshots for details.

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              I found mermaid pretty good for simple diagrams but I had some problems to make some configuration options work like in the docs, and found it was lacking a bit of flexibility for more complex diagrams, like Gantt diagrams for example. Now I use PGF-TikZ for more complex diagrams and I still need to try pgfgantt for Gantt charts.