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    Tangential comment: I used iocage for awhile but the big rewrite really soured me too it. It didn’t get updated for months and was missing some features. The iocage rewrite was also not backwards compatible with existing jails (or was not for a time) which left me in a bad spot. iocage also grew a bunch of functionality as part of whatever work iX is doing with it that I just didn’t want and didn’t feel the need to use a tool much more complicated than my needs required. After some reading though, I came across this document and realized that managing my own jails by hand just using the tooling that comes with the OS was extremely easy. Maybe if I was doing it at scale I would want a little bit of tooling but that would probably just be to make jails from templates, using jail and jexec to run things on them is pretty intuitive.

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      I also prefer to use ‘plain’ jails as in here for example: