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I really like that I get a notification directly on the front page when someone replied to me (nice red bold text saying “x Replies”. However, this works only for the direct replies, not when someone replies to the person that replied to my comment. Since this website is all about community and discussions, I wonder would it be possible and interesting for others to have such notifications when someone replies to the whole thread?

An extension is to get notifications when someone replies to the threads that interest me. I found many such threads where I didn’t feel I could contribute much, but just reading them was useful/interesting/fascinating/enlightening. Manually keeping track of such threads is cumbersome. Thus, would it make sense to have an option to subscribe to threads and be notified when anything new pops up?

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    I see the utility, but I’m against it for the same reason some folks are starting to question the utility of the replies tab entirely:

    It’s a really good way to prolong flamewars and encourage lots of back-and-forth.

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      If you’re submitting a post, you can opt into following it for email/Pushover notifications. Of course, doesn’t do you much good for other people’s posts/comments…

      edit: Another option might be using mailing list mode.

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        Another option might be using mailing list mode.


        Here’s an excerpt from my mutt config:

        score '~t $my_lobsters ~s assembly' +1
        score '~t $my_lobsters ~s hardware' +1

        It means that emails (submissions or comments) to lobsters (~t) containing “assembly” or “hardware” in the subject field (~s) should be scored 1 higher (+1). Then you can tell mutt to only show mails with some score and have your personalized lobsters frontpage :-)

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        I like it

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          There’s already a “Your Threads” link in the header. Maybe just have it hilight red on updates, like “Replies” does? Doesn’t sound like too heavy a lift, and I’m pretty sure @pushcx would be happy to review a PR.

          If you’d like to be able to follow a particular thread without commenting on it, that might be a little more challenging.

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            I like the sound of it.

            It can certainly promote flamewars, but this site is good at addressing them in other ways, so I think it would be a net win.