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Hey Lobsters, this is a weekend project of mine. I wanted to get some experience writing an API in Go. The API uses the martini web framework, Postgres to store the dataset, Varnish as a caching reverse proxy, and Packer and Chef for building AMIs. All the code is open source if you’d like to take a look at how it all works.


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      The information comes from Gatherer, but in a roundabout way. I download the most recent mtgjson card file, massage that data, and load it into the database. Making requests to Gatherer and scraping the results isn’t performant because Gatherer itself is quite slow.

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        cool project, I’m interested to see what the “coming soon” part looks like :)

        I’m curious if in course of creating this you found out anything about how magiccards.info does it? I find it a really useful site, their advanced search is quite powerful.

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      This is really nicely done!

      This maybe warrants attention :)

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        I’m not actually too worried about this. The database has no sensitive information and isn’t open to the world. You’d have to have access to the box. At that point, the damage is done.

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        This is really cool! It’s nice to see fun API’s built with martini

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          Thanks for making such a great framework. The biggest issue I had building this API was dealing with the sql/package.